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Reconcile hub

When you reconcile an account, you compare the beginning balance and transactions listed in your QuickBooks Online company file with your monthly bank or credit card statements to make sure they match.

Reconciling verifies that QuickBooks Online agrees with your bank or credit card statement.

The following help articles cover everything you need to know about reconciling in QuickBooks Online. Review the links below to help with your reconciliation.

General information

The following help articles give you general information about reconciling:


The following help articles can help you to resolve issues you may encounter while reconciling:

How to troubleshoot a reconciliation with a correct opening balanceHow to make an incorrect reconcile beginning balance match the bank statementHow to fix duplicate interest or bank charges when reconciling or in the bank register


Review the following for information about reports:

How to view, print or export a current or previous reconciliation report

Undo a reconciliation

Review the following for help with undoing a reconciliation:

How to unreconcile a transaction or undo a reconciliation

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