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Level 2

Installed 2022.5.0 - can't e-file any slips or T3

T2 and T1 seems to still work. T-slips or T3 return result in the following errors, making it not possible to file such returns!!

Profile errors:

Transmit slips –

                Access violation at address 01A92BD4 in module ‘profile.exe’.

                Read of address 00000000

                After reinstall 01A92BDC

Transmit T3 return –

                Access violation at address 01A92AC0 in module ‘profile.exe’.

                Read of address 00000000

                After re-install – 01A92AC8

Even the installation of this new version was wonky.

Please help with this because there isn't even an option I can see where an xml can be generated then uploaded separately through Represent a Client.