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T3 - efile error code EF001149

I think we paid a fee to file a return, not play "go fish". How are you to find "The data entered is either invalid, or mandatory information is missing" when you have NO IDEA what that might be?? ProFile actually posting an answer "maybe you checked Is this first of filing" incorrectly is beyond stupid as a response!

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T3 - efile error code EF001149

I feel your frustration and pain!!


I spent alot of time talking to a senior technical assistant of Profile, who examined the "back door" files that are created.  He could not find any issues.  While he was very helpful and pleasant, regrettably, he could not solve the problem.

The first time I called the efile helpdesk, the agent was not helpful.  sigh.  The second agent I got, however, was quite helpful and gave me an important clue - she advised that she did NOT see any return rejected on her end.  She therefore deduced that a file hadn't been created to transmit in the first place for the CRA to reject!

So if that's the case, this is a far bigger PROGRAMMING ISSUE that the Profie programmers need to deal with and find out WHY the actual file isn't being created and getting transmitted to the CRA.


I have seen a distinct pattern that deceased trust returns seem fine to be transmitted.


The inter vivos ones however don't seem to get transmitted at all.


SO PROFILE PROGRAMMERS - please check this and help us create a proper file that gets output and sent to the feds!!  thank you!!!!  

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

T3 - efile error code EF001149


T3 efile error EF001149 can be caused by many different issues. When we receive calls at 1-800-452-9970, we can look into the cause of the error. We can then help file the return and have a warning added to prevent future occurrences.