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Payroll set up checklist

Setting up payroll will be a smoother process if you can collect the following information first:


Type of information needed

Company ·         the frequency that employees are paid (weekly, every other week, twice a month, or monthly)

·         the date you plan to start using Payroll

·         the first pay period that you’ll run within QBOP

Compensation, Benefits, Contributions and Deductions ·         types of compensation (hourly wages, salaries, commissions, vacations)

·         ​sick and vacation time policies

·         insurance benefits (health, dental, vision)

·         retirement benefits offered (RSP)

·         additional deductions that the employee wants withheld (for example, child support, repayments of employee advances or loans, life insurance)

·         additions (bonuses, travel reimbursements, employee advances or loans and tips)

Tax Information ·         Federal tax business number (BN)

·         CRA Payroll number

·         T4 transmitter number

·         RQ payroll information

Employees ·         employee names, addresses, and Social Insurance Numbers from your employees’ T4 forms

·         employee withholdings from the employee’s TD1 form

·         employee wages/salaries, additions, deductions, and company contributions

·        sick and vacation time hours and monies accrued

Year-to-Date History (YTD) ·         you'll need to enter year-to-date payroll information ONLY if you've started using QBOP after January 1 of the calendar year AND if you’ve already run payroll using another system at least once since January 1. (If you start using QuickBooks Online Payroll after January 1 but have not yet run a payroll this calendar year, you will have no year-to-date information to enter.)

·         year-to-date information for each employee is available on the employee’s most recent pay stub from the previous system.

·         copies of payroll liability cheques from the beginning of this calendar year to the date you started using QBOP

Note: once you run a payroll in QuickBooks Online, you'll no longer be able to add or edit year-to-date information. Be sure to add all employees and payroll data prior to running payroll

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