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Take over billing for your client's QuickBooks Time account

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated January 05, 2023

QuickBooks Time is updating aspects of the billing platform so all Intuit accounts can be managed from one bill. To access this updated method, your billing arrangement with your client may need to be changed if both you and the client are handling bills for their QuickBooks. Consider the following scenario:

  • You pay for your client’s QuickBooks Online account through wholesale billing.
  • Your client pays for their own QuickBooks Time account.

To keep the integration active between your client’s QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online accounts, both accounts must be managed on one bill. This can be done in one of the following options for the above scenario:

  1. You can take the billing for your client’s QuickBooks Time account over to your wholesale plan and pay for it with their QuickBooks Online account. 
  2. Your client can take over the billing for their QuickBooks Online account and pay for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Time on their bill.

If billing remains separate, the integration between accounts will no longer work.

Option 1: Take over billing for your client’s QuickBooks Time account

  1. Once you are prompted inside the product, select Update now to begin the process to take over your client’s QuickBooks Time billing. 
  2. Review the new cost. 
  3. Confirm that you understand you will take over billing for this client.
  4. Select Sounds good.
  5. Your client will be notified and can confirm or deny this billing update. 
  6. Once they confirm, the billing will change on their next bill date.


  • When you take over your client’s QuickBooks Time billing, you will receive the ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing. 
  • If you had an existing commission balance before transferring billing, you will get this paid out to you, even if it hasn’t reached the $250 pay-out limit.

Option 2: Client takes over their QuickBooks Online billing

If you do not take over billing, or the client denies the billing change, their QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Time accounts will no longer sync. To maintain the integration, your client can take over billing for their QuickBooks Online account. If you transfer QuickBooks Online billing to the client, the wholesale discount will no longer apply. 

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