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Download customized templates

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

We have created customized form and report templates for you to download into QuickBooks Desktop Canada.

Important: To download these templates, open the link in a Chrome or Firefox browser.

  1. Select the link of the template you wish to download below.
  2. Save the template to your desktop.
  3. In QuickBooks Desktop, open the Templates window or Memorized Report List.
  4. Select the Templates / Memorized Report, then Import.
  5. Browse to your desktop where you saved the template and click Open.
  6. The new template is added to the Layout Designer, and reports are added directly to the Memorized Report List.
  7. Make any changes that you want to the template, and select OK to save the template to the Templates List. If you don't select OK, the new template will not be added to your Templates List.

Form templates

Report templates

Payroll reportsTroubleshooting Reports
Payroll Expenses detail by class
Payroll Expenses summary by class
Payroll Expenses summary by Customer
Payroll Liabilities Accrued by Date
Payroll Liabilities Payment Detail
Previous Quarter Payroll Taxes
Gross Earnings by Employee
Shows employees in rows and Earnings payroll items in columns.
Payroll Detail Review - Federal Taxes
Shows what is stored on pay cheque, if a user edited the amount, what the amount should be, and any amount out of balance YTD, per employee per tax.
Payroll Liabilities Paid by Date
Summary of your liability payments by the date the payments were paid *for* (not the cheque date.)
Tax Table Usage Detail
Lists all payroll transactions for the current year, showing when they were last modified and which Tax Table version was used to calculate tax amounts.
Items in Income Accounts - not Sales Forms
Displays income accounts used on non-sales forms (like Cheques, Bills).
Payment details by Supplier
Shows all payments made to suppliers subtotalled by supplier.
Payment summary by Supplier
Summarizes payments made to each supplier.
Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits
Shows all payments from customers and other customer credits that are unapplied (still have an open balance).
Unapplied Supplier Payments and Credits
Lists all payments to suppliers and other supplier credits that are unapplied (still have an open balance.
Customer reportsUnbilled Expense reports
Customer Profitability Summary
Summarizes how much you are making for each customer:job sorted by profitability.
Missing Invoices for this Month
Lists all of your invoices for the month in numeric order and warns you of invoice numbers that are missing or haven't been used.
Payment details by Customer
Shows all payments received from customers subtotalled by Customer:Job.
Payment summary by Customer & Amount
Summarizes payments received by customer sorted by total amount.
Unpaid detail by Customer
Lists unpaid accounts receivable transactions subtotalled by customer.
Unbilled Expenses Items by Job
Lists unbilled expenses and items (that are marked billable) subtotalled by customer:job.
Unbilled Inventory Valuation Detail
Helps you determine which inventory items need to be billed to customers. Shows all unbilled inventory assigned to a customer or job.
Unbilled Mileage by Job
Lists unbilled mileage (marked billable) subtotalled by customer:job.
Unbilled time by Job
Lists unbilled (marked billable) time by customer:job.

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