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Set up clock in and out via text message for QuickBooks Time

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago


  • This feature is no longer available to add to a QuickBooks Time account.
  • This feature only works in the U.S. and Canada.
  • The additional cost is $1.50 per month, per employee that is actively using this feature.
  • Each employee must clock in and out using their own phone number (Employees). The system cannot distinguish between two employees using the same phone to clock in and out.
  • Employees must have the Mobile time entry permission to use the Dial-in feature.

Use the following steps to manage your existing text-in feature:

Set up Job or Customer short codes

Short codes let employees clock in to specific jobs or customers.

Note: Short codes and aliases must be no more than eight characters in length. If you also have the dial-in add-on installed, you will be asked to use digits for text messaging short codes and aliases.

  1. In the Text messaging preferences window, select Assign Short Codes.
  2. In the Manage Jobs (or Customers) window, to the right of the job code/customer, select the Pencil icon (edit).
  3. Enter a short code, and select Save.

Set up Custom Field short codes

These let employees enter information into custom fields, such as Billable, Supplies, Mileage, etc.

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons, then select Custom Field.
  2. Select a custom field, and then select an item in that list
  3. Enter a short code, and select Save.

Print a cheat sheet for employees

  1. Back in the Text Messaging Preferences window, select the blue Printable Text Messages Cheat Sheet link, and print or save it for your employees.
  2. If you haven't already, provide the employee with your QuickBooks Time company URL (for example, companyname.tsheets.com), their username, and the phone number you were just assigned.
  3. We suggest that you provide the employee with the following link: How to Clock In, Switch Jobs or Customers, and Clock Out via Text

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