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Manage schedule notifications and permissions for QuickBooks Time

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn how to set up or change schedule notifications and preferences for QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online.

If you have QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, Advanced, Accountant, or QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium or Elite, you can manage schedule notifications and permissions there.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Set schedule notifications


  • Only admins can set company-wide schedule notifications.
  • Team members can change their own notifications
  • Email notifications have more details than mobile notifications. You can select more than one notification method.
  •  A notification can be force sent by selecting a shift in the schedule and selecting Notify in the shift editing window.
  • All notifications go to team members unless otherwise specified in Company Settings.

Set up notifications


  1. In QuickBooks Time on the web dashboard, go to Company Settings, then select Notifications.
  2. Make your selections, and select Save.

Individual team member

Note: This ignores company-wide selections.

  1. In QuickBooks Time on the web dashboard, select My Team.
  2. Select the team member.
  3. Select Notifications, make your selections, and select Save.

Change your schedule notifications 

Mobile device

  1. In QuickBooks Workforce, select More, then Settings, and select Notifications.
  2. Select which reminder you want to change, and then turn on or off the notification type.


  1. Select your name in the top right corner, then select Profile.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. In the Schedule section, make your selections, and select Save.

Set company wide schedule permissions

Manage settings for the entire company

  1. In QuickBooks Online, go to Time, then select Time team, and select Schedule. Or, in QuickBooks Time, go to Schedule.
  2. On the calendar, select Settings Settings gear icon., then Edit view settings.
  3. Make your selections, and select Save.
  4. Select Settings Settings gear icon., then Schedule Preferences.


  • Daily hour totals display in the column headings. Team member hour totals display in the far left column. These totals are only visible to admins and schedule managers.
  • On the calendar, dot colours indicate:
    • Green: On the clock
    • Orange: On a break

Change individual schedule permissions 

Give a team member permission to view, add, edit, or delete shifts

  1. In QuickBooks Time, go to My Team.
  2. Select a team member, then select Permissions.
  3. Select the View schedule and Manage schedule permissions, and select Save.

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