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Learn about QuickBooks Time reports

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn about the available reports for QuickBooks Time. 

Learn about:

Approvals report

Once you set up approvals, you’ll be able to run the approvals report in QuickBooks Time and approve timesheets.

Run the approvals report

  1. In QuickBooks Time, select Approvals.
  2. Select the report dates, team members, and select Run Report.

View the approvals report

  • To view the individual timesheets that make up the total hours for a team member, select view details in the hours total box.
  • To view different types of hours (approved, submitted, and unapproved), select the tabs at the top of the window.
  • A breakdown of hour types (regular, overtime, time off, break) for each team member is displayed on the right.
  • After you approve the timesheets, you can export the timesheets data to a payroll software.

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Payroll report

Learn more about how to run and use the payroll report for QuickBooks Time.

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Itemized total time report

Learn more about how to run and use the itemized total time report for QuickBooks Time.

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Wage report

This report lets admins download a spreadsheet that lists names of team members who worked, the number of hours they worked (separated by regular and overtime hours), their pay rate, and the total wage (hours x gross pay rate).

Run the wage report

  1. First, set up pay rates for each team member you want included in the wage report.
    1. Select My Team, then select a team member, and enter a Pay Rate.
    2. Repeat this for each team member.
  2. Then, select Reports, then Payroll, and select Wage Report.

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Payroll hours summary by team member report

This report shows hour totals for each team member. It's broken out by regular hours, overtime, and time off (as applicable). Each hour type column is added into a grand total.

Run the payroll hours summary by team member report

  1. Select Reports, then select Payroll.
  2. Select Hours Summary by Team Member.

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Logging and auditing reports

Admins can download these reports as CSV spreadsheets for the given time period, with a maximum of 21 days at a time.

Run logging and auditing reports

  1. Select Reports, then select Logging and Auditing.
  2. Select the logging and auditing report you want to run:
    • Applicable Large Employer: Total average and monthly team member hours worked.
    • Approvals History: All approvals activity recorded on the account. The date range for the report will set the dates of timesheets included in the report, not the dates that time was approved or unapproved on.
    • Time Off Balances: The total time off balance per time off code, per team member. The spreadsheet entries can then be adjusted and uploaded into QuickBooks Time to update time off balances. 
    • System Log: All system log entries.
    • Timesheet Log: All time entries and edits.

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Exports reports

These reports let admins make adjustments to job codes, team members, groups, and group managers using a CSV spreadsheet. You can download the spreadsheets, make adjustments, and upload the updated data back into QuickBooks Time. 

Run exports reports

  1. Select Reports, then Exports.
  2. Select the export report you want to run:

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Tracking reports

These reports let admins track in more detail, and download CSV spreadsheets.

Run the tracking reports

  1. Select Reports, then Tracking.
  2. Select which tracking report you want to run:
    • Job Costing by Team Member: Learn more about the team member job costing report in QuickBooks Time.
    • GPS points: All GPS coordinates recorded for each timesheet as well as a calculation for approximated accuracy.
    • Hours by Date, Team Member, Full Customer, Group, or Top Level Customer: These reports provide hour totals under given parameters. The reports can be viewed in list or grid view, with various filters applied.

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Exceptions reports

These reports provide admins with info that’s typically excluded from other reports in a CSV download. 

Run exceptions reports

  1. Select Reports, then Exceptions
  2. Select which exceptions report you want to run:
    • Less Than X Hours Worked on a Weekday: A list of each individual that hasn't worked a certain amount of time on a given day.
    • Not Yet Approved or Submitted: A list of individuals who haven’t submitted their time yet or had it approved.

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