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Payroll reports overview

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

QuickBooks Payroll offers an extensive list of reports you can generate to help fill out your tax forms, manage your employees, and their wages.

View all payroll reports

Here's how to view all payroll reports:

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Scroll down to Employees to see the group of reports for this.

Print a report

Here's how to print a report:

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Type the report name in the search, then choose the report from the suggestions.
  3. Select Customize, then adjust the date range or the report options to customize.
  4. Run the report.
  5. Select the printer icon to print.
  6. Select your preferred report orientation, then select Print.

Payroll reports

These are the available payroll reports:

Report titleBrief Description
Payroll SummaryShows details for each paycheque you've created, including total wages, taxes withheld, and deductions.
Payroll DetailsProvides details for selected paycheque, including the amount, taxes, and deductions.
Payroll Tax LiabilityShows the taxes you need to pay and the ones you’ve already paid.
Payroll Tax and Wage SummaryShows total and taxable wages that are subject to federal and province/region/state withholding.
Payroll Tax PaymentsShows payroll tax payments that have been recorded in QuickBooks Online.
Payroll Deductions/ContributionsShows totals for your employee deductions and company contributions.
Time Off ReportThis is a detailed report of employees' time off accrual and usage info, which includes the hours used and current balance of their time off policies.
Pay Cheque ListShows all the paycheques you’ve created and lets you take action on a specific paycheque, such as changing cheque numbers or printing pay stubs.
Payroll Summary by EmployeeShows wages, deductions, and tax info, totalled by employee or period.
Recent/Edited Time ActivitiesLists the 25 products/services (time activities) most recently entered or edited so you can see your employees’ latest activities.
Employee DetailsShows a current snapshot of each employee, including pay rate, deductions, and tax withholding.
Total Payroll CostShows all costs associated with paying your employees, including total pay, net pay, deductions, and taxes.
Total PayShows each employee’s total pay by type (for example, salary or hourly).
Multiple WorksitesProvides information you can use to complete your Multiple Worksites Report (if required by your province/territory).
Retirement PlansShows both employee and company contributions to all your retirement plans.
Workers' CompensationShows wages paid for each Workers’ Comp class you’ve assigned any employee so you can prepare forms for province/region/state agencies or insurance companies.
Payroll Billing SummaryShows all charges for your QuickBooks Payroll account.
Time Activities by Employee DetailLists the products/services (time activities) provided by each employee, including hourly rate and duration.
Employee DirectoryProvides contact information for each employee, including work location, phone, and email.


When you select a report name, the results are based on a preset date range — this could be today or the most recent pay period. You'll see an empty report if there are no results for the date range. You can change the date range to fix this problem.

What if I want to see a report for last year or last month?

  1. If you hover over the date fields you will see the calendar icon.  You can select the exact start and end dates.
  2. Select the drop-down arrow to select a preset like Last Quarter or Last Year.

What if I want to see totals for just one employee?

  • In some reports, like the Tax and Wage Summary report, you can click one of the totals in the report to see a break out for just one employee.
  • Some reports also include additional options next to the date range. You might be able to select a location (if you have more than one), or you might be able to select a single employee.

How to export a report to Microsoft Excel

  1. Go to Reports (Take me there).
  2. Search for the report you'd like to view.
  3. Select the Export icon, then Export to Excel.

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