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Understanding return codes for unsuccessful payroll debits or direct deposits

by Intuit Updated 3 weeks ago

Find out the meaning of Automated Clearing House (ACH) return codes in QuickBooks Online Payroll and QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

An ACH deposit or debit request can be returned for various reasons. When that happens, we receive a return code. Here, we'll walk you through the various meanings and reasons for ACH return codes.

A few things to remember:
  • If you received an email from Intuit regarding an unsuccessful direct deposit or payroll debit with a return code, refer to the list of return codes below to identify the reason and possible course of action.
Note: Return codes and their descriptions are generated and sent to Intuit by financial institutions to explain the reason for the failure. At Intuit, we don't generate them ourselves.

  • Work with your financial institution first to ensure your bank will accept payroll debits and deposits from Intuit and that there are no other issues needing to be addressed with your bank account.
  • After working with the bank and resolving the reason for the error code, contact Payroll Support for any additional questions regarding the rejection.


ACH - Automated Clearing House Network

RDFI - Receiving Depository Financial Institutions

ACH return code reference chart

Canada ACH CodeReasonDescription
900Edit rejectEach debit or credit transaction being returned is returned by the customer's financial institution. No further information is provided to Intuit
901Insufficient fundsAvailable balance is not sufficient to cover the dollar amount of the debit entry
902No account or unable to locate accountThe account number does not correspond to the individual identified in the entry or does not correspond to a a valid account
903Payment stopped or stop payment on itemCustomer had previously requested a stop payment of a single or recurring entry
905Account closedA previously open account is now closed
907Non-transaction accountPolicies or regulations (such as Regulation D) prohibit or limit activity to the account indicated
907Corporate customer advises not authorizedReceiving financial institution has been notified by business account holder that a specific transaction is unauthorized
908Uncollected fundsAvailable balance is sufficient, but the collected balance isn't sufficient to cover the entry
910Beneficiary or account holder deceasedBeneficiary or account holder deceased
911Account frozenAccess to account is restricted due to a specific action taken by the receiving financial institution or by legal action
Invalid account numberThe account number fails the check-digit validation or may contain an incorrect combination or number of digits
922Customer advises not authorizedCustomer has advised the financial institution the transaction isn't authorized, notice not provided, improper source document, or amount of entry not accurately obtained from source document
SDIVI_E026Invalid ACH routing numberFinancial institution does not receive commercial ACH entries

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