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QuickBooks Online Accountant troubleshooting tips

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

If you're having an issue with QuickBooks Online Accountant, it's helpful to figure out what's causing it before reaching out to QuickBooks Support. The steps below may help resolve the issue, or they'll give the Support expert the information they need to diagnose the problem and help you find a solution.

First things to try:

  1. Clear your cache and cookies.
  2. Check your computer and operating system to be sure it aligns with Intuit’s system requirements.
  3. Validate that your personal information (phone, email, etc) is correct in your Intuit Account Manager (this is especially helpful if you’re having login issues).

If these first steps do not resolve your issue, try the following:

User troubleshooting

  1. Check with someone else, if possible, to see if they can perform the task (but be sure they have the same permissions as you, so you know you’re comparing identical settings).
    • If they can do it, check your system settings against theirs. Is there something you might be able to adjust that’s preventing you from doing it but not them?
  2. Is this the first time you’ve ever tried to do this process, or have you successfully done it before?
    • Think back to the last time that it worked properly. Has anything changed since then? If so, try going back back to your previous settings (if possible) and see if that helps.
    • If you’ve never done it before, see if anyone else within your practice has completed this process successfully. Are they doing something differently than you?
  3. Review the exact click-path taken to arrive at the issue. Are you possibly missing a step or setting to get to the successful end goal?
  4. Are you aware of a different way to complete this action? Try all the ways you know of to perform the function.

System troubleshooting

When troubleshooting to fix or rule out a systems issue, you'll want to look at the following:

  1. Browser:
    1. Check your browser for updates and ensure the latest version is installed.
    2. See if a different browser will work (Chrome vs. Firefox, for example).
    3. Enable pop-ups and check for blockers.
    4. Check that your plugins are up-to-date (PDF viewer, for example).
  2. Computer:
    1. Check to see if the error message is generated by the operating system (Windows or Mac). Follow the instructions to repair and if necessary connect with Microsoft or Apple for help.
    2. Review if you have outstanding updates to your operating system.
  3. Network:
    1. Be sure that the modem/router has been cycled (turn off, wait 10 minutes, turn back on).
  4. Printer:
    1. Ensure that your printer is properly connected to the computer.
    2. See if there is a system update for your printer and that you have the most current printer drivers.
    3. Review your printer settings to ensure they’re set up properly (portrait versus landscape, fit-to-page, paper size, for example).
    4. Try to print from another website or program. If it won’t print anything, you may need to troubleshoot with your printer company.

Check data entries

  1. Review your data. If you try to enter a different value, does it work? Check to see if there’s something wrong with the way you’re entering it.
  2. Check that you’re entering correct values in the field (numbers for amounts, letters for names, as examples). Also check to be sure there aren’t any special characters in the field.
  3. If you’re having an issue with a report, check the following:
    1. Date range is correct.
    2. Check if there are any modified display or filter settings.
    3. For memorized reports, check to see if the issue occurs when you run the standard version.
    4. Check individual transactions to verify accuracy or pinpoint where the error occurred.

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