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Recommended networks for QuickBooks

by Intuit Updated 4 weeks ago

There are certain types of networks you can use to run QuickBooks Desktop. Below are lists of networks to help you decide which one to use.

Note: Our technical support team cannot provide assistance beyond QuickBooks configuration to networks other than the recommended ones.

Network typeBrief Description
Local Area Networks (LAN)Networks that have at least 40 Mbps transfer speed (bandwidth), either a workgroup or a domain*.
Terminal ServicesAll versions of QuickBooks Desktop can run under Terminal Services. However, Intuit provides troubleshooting assistance only for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. See Intuit support limitations for QuickBooks Desktop on a Microsoft Windows Terminal Server for more information.
Cloud HostingThird-party companies host your file which you access over the internet.

*Having your server in a domain and your workstations in workgroup/s can work but you must have your authorizations set up correctly.

Network TypeBrief Description
Remote Area NetworkGives remote users access using analog modems or Internet Subscriber Digital Network connections from the host computer's modem.
Wide Area Network (WAN)Computers are connected over long distances using telephone lines and satellite communications.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)Connects computers over long distances via the Internet using an encrypted tunnel.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)Copies files from one location to another. Intended to move files and not to open them.
Network Attached Storage (NAS)A device connected to a network that only provides file storage for other devices on the network. These devices do not have full computer functionality which QuickBooks requires.
Virtual Servers/Virtual MachinesQuickBooks Desktop products are made to run on a local native installation of Windows or macOS.

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