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Remote Hosting

  • Host your licensed QuickBooks software in an authorized remote hosting facility
  • Use QuickBooks on a virtual desktop, via a secure connection and web browser
  • Take advantage of all the QuickBooks benefits - plus 24/7 online access from anywhere

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Get your business hosted online

The advantages to having licensed copies of QuickBooks hosted online:
  • Reliable anywhere, anytime access to your QuickBooks
  • Business continuity
  • Connectivity with remote offices or locations
  • Continuous, automated, off-site data backup
  • Save on technology costs
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Commercial hosting

Data centres and remote hosting companies can apply to become an Intuit-Authorized Hosting company through the Commercial Hosting Program. This program is designed to help independent professional data centers and remote hosting companies provide hosting services to QuickBooks users, such as accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesse
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Contact a host

Reach out to any of the following hosting companies, approved by Intuit Canada:

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting simply means that QuickBooks software and data files are stored, accessed, and run on a service provider's servers, rather than on one's own PC. End users connect via the Internet to the service provider systems to access and run their QuickBooks software and data files.
A Certified ProAdvisor or Certified Intuit Service Provider who provides limited application hosting services solely to clients. Self-hosts do not market and sell hosting services to the public. And Self Hosts must provide accounting or bookkeeping services to qualify for the Self Host Program.
As with any Internet-based service, you will need a good Internet connection in order to utilize QuickBooks in a hosted environment, and you'll need a host with the expertise and capabilities to provide you with safe, secure and reliable access. Depending on your authorized host, the performance of the hosted system can approach the experience of running QuickBooks on a local PC, but your experience will vary depending on many factors, including the ones discussed above.
The QuickBooks Hosting Program allows hosting of QuickBooks Pro, all QuickBooks Premier versions, and QuickBooks Enterprise Edition in accordance with Intuit's Service Discontinuation Plan policy. Versions of QuickBooks that are no longer supported under Intuit's Service Discontinuation Plan policy are not available for hosting.
The QuickBooks Hosting program allows for the hosting of Windows-compatible versions of QuickBooks software. Depending on the hosting service provider, its browser and other requirements, and your own PC configuration and capabilities, you may be able to connect to their systems using Windows, Mac or Linux PCs. You must confirm accessibility with your chosen provider before you sign up for their services.
Yes. As an end user, you must have a valid license for each version of QuickBooks you choose to access via a hosting service and each person who accesses the software. If you have already purchased valid QuickBooks licenses for your users, you can provide your licenses to the authorized hosting service provider to host the corresponding copies of QuickBooks for you. If you need to purchase valid QuickBooks licenses, you purchase them directly from Intuit's National Team at competitive prices; or, in some cases, you can rent your QuickBooks licenses from an authorized Intuit Commercial Hosting service provider, which allows you to use a QuickBooks product on a monthly basis for as long as you purchase hosting services. See authorized commercial hosting providers for details and pricing.
If you wish to discontinue your QuickBooks hosting service with an authorized Commercial Host, simply copy your data files from the hosting service to your PC, retrieve any software licenses and authentic CD-ROM media you own from the hosting provider (if applicable), and terminate your service with the host according to their termination policies and your hosting contract. You will need to install QuickBooks on your local PC in order to open and continue to use your data files.
Intuit does not certify, guarantee or warrant individual commercial or self-hosts. Commercial and self-hosts who participate in the program are solely responsible for the security, privacy, availability and backup of QuickBooks data files and software that they host. However, Intuit has arranged for an independent, third-party hosting accreditation entity, the International Association of Managed Service Providers (MSP Alliance), to review commercial hosts before they join the program and become authorized. This process requires commercial hosts to complete and pass the independent MSP Alliance examination and onsite facility inspection, which gauge commercial hosts' abilities to host QuickBooks in a safe and secure environment. As for self-hosts, there is not currently an independent review, and Intuit does not conduct any review. Self-hosts are solely responsible for ensuring that their hosting facilities, technology and services are secure, private and reliable.
This statement and logo mean that Intuit has entered into a written agreement with the Commercial Host, which legally authorizes them to remotely host certain versions of QuickBooks software for properly licensed end users. It does not mean that Intuit endorses, sponsors, prefers, or is officially or exclusively partnered with commercial hosts.

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