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For sales:
50% off QuickBooks for 3 months*

Keep more of what you earn

QuickBooks Self-Employed customers find an average of $3,906 in tax savings per year.

Take control of your finances with one simple solution

Save time and stay organized in a snap

  • Snap and save photos of your receipts with your phone so you capture proof and ensure deductions.
  • The mobile app scans and captures receipt information from the photo so it’s easy to stay organized.
  • Sort expenses on the app with a simple swipe or bulk categorize on the web.
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Deduct the max so you save the max

  • Connect your bank account(s) to automatically download transactions.
  • Sort business and personal transactions so you know exactly how much you can deduct.
  • You’ll have a great overall picture of your finances, and save time on data entry.

Track mileage effortlessly

  • Customers who log mileage find on average 46% more deductions during tax time.
  • The mobile app tracks where you drive without draining your battery.
  • Sort your trips as business or personal to maximize deductions.
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Invoices that do more than get you paid

  • Send unlimited, professional-looking invoices from your phone.
  • Accept credit card payments, right in the invoice.1
  • Enable sales tax on your invoices so everything is in order and you know how much you owe.

Know exactly what you owe2

  • We track sales tax on your expense and income, so you’ll know what you owe quarterly and annually.
  • Categorize sales tax transactions on the app with a simple swipe or bulk categorize on the web.
  • Know what you owe to avoid late fees and stay organized during tax time.

Stress less and save at tax time

  • Are you spending more than you’re earning? Reports can show you in seconds where your business stands.
  • Check your transactions log and keep tabs on your mileage log to see potential tax deductions.
  • Fill out year-end forms (T2125) easily with matching tax categories on the Tax Summary report.

QuickBooks Assistant is here to help

  • Use a simple question or command to get information about your income, expenses, taxes, and more.
  • Get guidance on how to add accounts, create invoices, email receipts, and more.
  • Save time by requesting a snapshot of your financials and see where you stand in seconds.

Perfect for independent contractors,
freelancers, and sole proprietors

QuickBooks Self-Employed
Save 50% for 3 months*

See how QuickBooks Self-Employed fuels success

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The biggest benefit of using QuickBooks Self-Employed to me was the ability to keep my receipts organized.
Mike Peters, May Contain Studios Owner

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Start keeping more of what you earn with
QuickBooks Self-Employed

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickBooks Self-Employed connects to your bank so you can easily categorize income and expenses, capture and match receipts, send invoices, and automatically track mileage so you will be ready come tax time.

QuickBooks Self-Employed is intended for freelancers, contractors, and consultants. If you are registered for Quebec Sales Tax (QST) and need to track QST, and/or require payroll, QuickBooks Online Easy Start may be right for you.

Yes. The app comes as part of your subscription. Ideal for when you’re on the move, now you can capture receipts from your smartphone, categorize your expenses and get paid faster with the ability to send invoices, all in one handy app!