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Use this free invoice generator to create an invoice online. Enter your business information, upload your logo, and choose custom details within our invoice template. Then, you’re ready to download and send. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a downloadable blank invoice template, use our free printable invoice templates in Word, Excel, pdf and other formats.
Make billing feel effortless with automated invoices in QuickBooks.
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How to create an invoice
Use the free invoice generator to customize the blank invoice. Fill out all the invoice details with your business information including company name and contact information (i.e. email, phone number, and address). Upload your company logo. Hit the preview button to see your invoice.
Fill out the customer’s invoice details, including the “bill to” and “ship to” sections, and the invoice number. Add your payment terms and a net 30 due date, so your customer knows late fees will apply after 30 days, if applicable.
Enter information about products you are invoicing, including sales tax and shipping costs. The invoice generator will automatically calculate the subtotal for all your line items. Sales tax will be calculated automatically with a QuickBooks Online account. Or you can calculate it yourself using a free sales tax calculator.
Thank your customer for their business with a message. You can also notify them that late fees may apply for past-due payments. You can also set up automatic payment reminders for your customers.
Customize your invoice template. Be sure to preview your invoice one final time to make sure everything looks good. Then download your PDF invoice and send it to your client.
Free printable invoice template in multiple formats
Use the free invoice generator to create customized invoices as many times as you’d like! Alternatively, if you’re looking for a downloadable blank invoice, use this free printable invoice template in Word, Excel, pdf and other formats. Tired of manually creating and sending each invoice? Save time and get paid faster with online invoicing in QuickBooks. No more paper checks, transaction fees, or hectic bank runs. Send custom invoices and accept payments right in the online invoice. Customers can pay by credit cards, debit cards, ACH bank transfers, and Apple Pay®—anywhere, anytime!
Invoicing guide & best practices
An invoice, or a bill, is a commercial document sent from a seller to a buyer as a request for payment, indicating what was sold and how much is owed.

Invoices, like bills, are issued from a vendor to a customer for something they’ve already received, something in development, or something that’s ready to be created. But invoices, unlike a restaurant bill, aren’t necessarily due immediately upon receiving them. You may choose to set invoice payment terms of up to 3 months, to give your customers flexibility to manage their cash.
Invoices are used for account-based transactions between vendors and sellers who work with each other on a regular basis. Invoices are also used to keep track of how much your customers owe you in total, as a basis to monitor your cash flow.
The best time to send an invoice is immediately after you complete a service or project, or deliver a product. The sooner you send an invoice, the sooner the customer can pay.
You may choose to send invoices first thing in the morning when most people are checking their emails and establishing their to-do lists. Alternatively, you could also send invoices at the end of the work day so that your customers can see them when they check their email first thing in the morning.
There are a variety of different types of invoices depending on the type of business and transaction.

Common types of invoices used include: service invoice, sales invoice, purchase invoice, recurring invoice, proforma invoice, interim invoice, credit invoice, debit invoice, mixed invoice, commercial invoice, timesheet invoice, expense report, past due invoice, final invoice, and more.
You may choose the type of invoice based on your business model and how you’d like to get paid. For small businesses that send invoices after goods or services have been exchanged, a simple commercial invoice, like our free invoice template, will suit your needs.

If your business requires payment upfront, you may choose to use a proforma invoice, indicating a fee agreement and/or estimated costs.

With QuickBooks invoicing software, you can choose from many different invoice templates based on your needs.
No. An invoice is not a legally binding contract on its own because it does not prove a legal agreement between the seller and buyer. An invoice serves as a payment request for services rendered or goods delivered.
Depending on how your business accepts payments, customers could pay with credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, digital wallets, ACH bank transfers, wire transfers, or payment apps like PayPal.

With QuickBooks Online, customers can pay right in the online invoice, using credit cards, debit cards or ACH bank transfers–even from their mobile device. No setup or transaction fees!
No. Invoices are not legal documents so a signature would not have any meaningful impact on the invoice. Instead, you may choose to create a contract with negotiated terms before you start a project.
There are many reasons to use this invoice generator, such as:
  • It’s free! Use it as many times as you’d like.
  • Invoices are customizable to your business
  • Invoices can be downloaded in a variety of formats, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets and PDF
  • Clean, professionally-designed invoices leave a good impression
  • It saves time that would have been spent creating an invoice from scratch
  • Invoices that get created and sent sooner can get paid faster
If you’re tired of manually creating each invoice, try the additional benefits that come with online invoicing in QuickBooks, such as pay-enabled invoices and instant deposits!
Here are some tips on how to get paid faster:
  • Accept all forms of payment: credit cards, debit cards, ACH bank transfers, digital wallets, PayPal, and checks.
  • Create clear invoices with specified due dates
  • Send invoices a soon as you complete the work
  • Establish overdue payment penalties
  • Automate reminders–QuickBooks Invoicing software does this for you!
  • Incentivize early or on-time payments with rewards or perks
With QuickBooks Payments’ pay-enabled invoices, customers can pay right in the online invoice, helping you get paid sooner!
Here are some tips to help you create clear and effective invoices:
  • Make sure product descriptions are easy to follow and understand
  • Create a purchase order
  • Specify your payment terms and due dates
  • Provide contact information for customer questions
  • Save time with recurring invoices
  • Accept payments online
  • Automate invoices with QuickBooks Payments
Frequently asked questions
Use our free invoice generator to get started on your invoice right away!

When creating an invoice from scratch, be sure to include these items:
  • Your business’s name, address, email address, and phone number for contact
  • An invoice number for record keeping, to establish a paper trail of information for yours and your customers’ accounting records
  • The date of completed service
  • A description of services, to a level of specification that describes what you provided at the unit level
  • How many units your customer ordered
  • The rate per unit
  • The total number of units
  • A total amount owed
  • Any tax that your company needs to apply to the amount due
Yes! Use our invoice generator as many times as you’d like, for free!

To get paid right away using an online invoice, try QuickBooks Payments.
Yes! You may customize the invoice details as well as the look and feel according to your business needs. You can also add your company logo and a customized message to your customer.
Invoices are most commonly sent in PDF format. However, you may choose to create and customize invoices in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or PDF. Word is suitable for short and simple invoices while spreadsheets may be better suited for invoices with many line items and details. Whichever format you choose to create and edit an invoice, it is recommended that you convert the document into a PDF before sending it to your customer.
We do!

Visit our printable invoice template library where we have custom invoice templates based on your industry, such as freelance invoice templates, contractor invoice templates, auto repair invoice templates, photography invoice templates, construction invoice templates, and more.
Make billing feel effortless with automated invoices in QuickBooks

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