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More ways to get any job paid

See your hard work pay off. Give your customers flexible payment options, so it’s easier for you to get paid—no matter where you work.
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Payment tools that work hard for you

QuickBooks makes it easier to receive and record payments, so you can stay focused on what matters.
$0 per month, card invoiced & keyed 2.9% + 25cents per transaction. Accepts Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard and Discover

With QuickBooks, your customers can pay directly from the invoice—and it’s 4x faster than paper invoicing1.

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Online, on-site, over the phone. Credit card or Apple Pay. Give your customers access to the right payment option at the right time.

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Your books stay up to date no matter how you get paid. QuickBooks records payments and matches them to invoices so you can stay effortlessly organized.

See your money sooner

Easy online payments

Skip trips to the bank by going digital. Accept credit cards and Apple Pay payments to receive your money paper-free.

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Deposits that work fast

Get quicker access to your money. Credit card payments get deposited into your account the next business day.*

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Never lose sight of your money

Send quick reminders to let your customers know when a payment is due, and get real-time alerts when they pay.

Small business owner setting up recurring invoices.

Automate invoicing

Save time and effort by pre-scheduling recurring invoices, so your customers can be ready to pay you on time. Your customers can choose to pay via credit card or Apple Pay - or they can set up pre-authorized payments for a more hassle-free process.

Get started with QuickBooks Payments

Harness powerful tools to find real solutions.

I already have QuickBooks

Alright, let’s help you set up and start getting paid through QuickBooks Payments.

I don’t have QuickBooks

No problem! Get a QuickBooks Online account and start using QuickBooks Payments today.

Customer success stories

Customer success stories

Profile picture of Nico Manos, owner of East Coast Surf School 
“QuickBooks is great in terms of getting paid quickly because I can access it from my phone. If I’m at the beach, I can write an invoice and send it off.”
Nico Manos, Owner of East Coast Surf School

More tools to power your business

It’s easier to keep growing when everything works together.

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Your cash flow, at a glance

Manage your cash flow by automatically recording all your expenses and income, so you can see your money-in and money-out. 

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Invoicing made easy

Accept payments online, on the phone, or on the go. QuickBooks Payments lets you get paid quicker.

Frequently asked questions

Get more guidance on payments

Gain additional insights through these helpful resources.

Small business owner accepting a point-of-sale payment.

Payment Processing: making it simple for your small business

Offering flexible payment options gives your customers more freedom to pay their way. Here’s an overview of some common payment methods and their advantages.

Transaction on a point-of-sale system via a mobile app.

Choosing the best POS system for your small business

A good POS system can help boost sales, save time and money, and provide efficient and convenient operations. Here are some key considerations when determining the best POS system for your business.

Person using an online payment app.

Benefits of online payments apps

Making it easy for customers to pay you quickly is one of the best ways to improve your cash flow. Find out how online payment apps help.

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