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Drive up your deductions

Automatically track KM’s with the built-in mileage tracker

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Make every kilometre count

You can automatically track mileage using the app so it’s easy to calculate your tax savings.

Just drive and we’ll do the tracking

Turn on automatic mileage tracking and the app will use your phone's location to detect where you're driving

The app only tracks you when you're moving - so there's no drain on your battery

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Sort your trips with a swipe

The app logs your mileage after every trip so you don't have to scribble it down somewhere 

It's easy to categorize trips by swiping LEFT (business) or RIGHT (personal) 

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Calculate your deduction

Get the number of total business-related kilometres and the total annual kilometres driven from the Trips tab.

Here's an example calculation:

Total business-related KMs = 10,000

Total annual KMs = 50,000

10,000/50,000 = 0.2 = 20%

So, 20% deduction applies to annual vehicle-related expenses (i.e. tires, gas, wipers) for that specific vehicle.

Mileage allowance article 

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Set up automatic mileage tracking

How to track your trips:

Step 1:

Open the app on your mobile device, and open the Mileage tab.

Step 2:

Switch the toggle to turn on automatic mileage tracking. You’ll also want to enable location services in your device’s settings.

Step 3:

Categorize all of your trips by swiping LEFT (business) or RIGHT (personal).

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