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Add charitable donations in Pro Tax

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

The Pro Tax Donations form is used to enter charitable donations for the taxpayer. Donations can be entered for both Canadian and U.S. organizations.

Open the Charitable donations form

  1. Open the return in Pro Tax.
  2. Select Add New Form at the bottom of the left-side menu bar. The search window displays.
  3. Enter the term “donations” in the search field; “Charitable donations” displays in the search results.
  4. Select the Add button next to “Charitable donations”.
  5. “Donations and gifts” option populates in the list of forms.
  6. Select the Insert forms button.

Carry forward donations

If a return carried forward from a previous taxation year, Pro Tax copies the list of organizations into the “Charitable donations details” and “Donations to U.S. organizations” tables but leaves amounts as “0”.

Any donation amounts can be entered to the same organizations for the current year in the appropriate rows. When completed, delete the remaining organizations.

Donations entered on slips

If the taxpayer has donation amounts from slips (for example, T4 slips) enter those amounts on the related slip or slips (for example, T4, T3, T2202A, T4A, and T5013). Pro Tax automatically carries donation amounts from slips to the Reported on slips line in the Donations worksheet. The donation undergoes carry forward and displays at the bottom of the Charitable donations form.

Pro Tax automatically claims older donations first to ensure that the taxpayer uses them before they expire; charitable donations for up to five years are eligible for carry forward.

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