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How to retrieve an EFILE report for T1/TP1 returns


A client may need to retrieve an EFILE report and confirmation number if the CRA confirmation window is closed at the conclusion of the EFILE session.

Note the following:

  •  this support article applies to T1/TP1 returns only. Forms T1135 and T1013 do not generate reports.
  •  due to process changes in batch filing, EFILE reports for batch filing are not available after 2018

Identifying Report Location

1. To identify the location where ProFile stores these reports, select "Options" from the "EFILE" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

The "Electronic Filing Options" window displays.

2. Select the "Common" option from the left-side menu and review the path in the "EFILE Directory" field:

User-added image


1. Open the applicable T1 return that underwent the EFILE.

2. Select the "Current..." option under the "Reports" section of the "EFILE" drop-down menu in the top toolbar:

3. Select the applicable report file extension under the "Files of type:" drop-down menu. These may include:

  •         *.tax   (for T1 returns)
  •         *.eax  (for TP1 returns)
  •         *.slg   (for batch EFILE)

The EFILE summary displays, including the generation time and date, the transmission ID, and the preparer number.

Note: the font size of the report can be enlarged by de-selecting the "Fit Text in Window" button on the report.





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