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2 T2200 forms for 2 employers.


My client has two T2200s for two employers in the year. Do I fill out two T777s?

I don't see where to allocate the T777 to an employer.

thank you

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2 T2200 forms for 2 employers.

I don't see anywhere that Profile allows you to launch a new form for T777 or T777 Details so I think it would have to be filed all on one form.  I would just keep an excel spreadsheet to show the totals from each employer so that if CRA reviews it, you can show where all of the amounts came from.

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

2 T2200 forms for 2 employers.


Tax guy is correct. Unfortunately you can not create more than one T777 in ProFile, so work will be required to get totals to enter into the one T777. Note only the line number and amount are sent to CRA not the actual T777. If CRA should ask for documentation, you will have the paperwork to support the numbers entered into ProFile.