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Amended T3 slip

How do I file an amended T3 slip?

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Amended T3 slip

If  you have already filed the T1, you have to do a T1ADJ.  However, I usually wait until well after March 31st since that is the deadline for issuing T3 slips and it is easiest to make all of the adjustments at one time.  If you have authorization from the client, I find the adjustments are easiest to request under Represent a Client.  However, you can also use the T1ADJ within Profile.

Level 1

Amended T3 slip

Hi - I guess I wasn't clear. I am using the Profile T3 module.  The software says that you can file amended T3 slips but I can't figure out how to transfer the amended slip - I have to change the file properties from submitted back to ready to file.  I know how to do this in the FX module but not the T3 module.

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

Amended T3 slip


The process to amend, (or cancel) T3 slips is similar to that in FX except, no adjustment to properties is required. The steps are
1) Make any required changes on the appropriate beneficiary form(s); change Type of slip to A for amended ; save return

2)  select Transmit slips

3) Select T3 slip and amended as shown in the image below:

4) Click Start and ProFile will build the slip XML

5) Send the slip as usual