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Caregiver Credit and Disability Amount

If a dependent  with a mental disability18+  had to be put into a care home but the parent but is still financially supporting as well as physically (ie driving to appointments etc) can the parent still claim the caregiver and disability amount for the child? Seems a grey area from what I have read.

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Level 6

Caregiver Credit and Disability Amount

You have to show financial support. Recently I had a few cases rejected when parents were in a long-term facility, which was financed by the parents' pensions. Since everything was provided by the facility (accommodation, food, care) and the children did not really have to financially support the parents, the DTC transfer was rejected.


But if the children have to make additional financial contributions to pay for the accommodation, then I'd certainly go ahead and claim the DTC amount. 


From my experienced, the CRA has made such transfers more and more difficult in the recent years.

Level 4

Caregiver Credit and Disability Amount

some financial support required. food, clothing, shelter. any one will do.