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Charitable donations carryforward

I am preparing T1 returns for myself and spouse. We have combined donations of $1,330. I would like to enter all the amounts on my tax return but not claim them on the 2021 tax return. I would like to have the entire $1,330 carried forward to be used in one of the following 5 years. There does not appear to be a line item where I can specify an amount to claim for 2021. Do I enter an override of zero on either the Donations tab or the Schedule 9? Please advise. Thanks.

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Charitable donations carryforward

on the donations tab under allowable charitable donations total donations on the right hand side enter 0(zero). it will show an overide and a carryforward amount. it may also show an audit message that there are taxes owing if you do not claim some of them. up to you. hope this helps. that is the way i do it. if you are ok with the audit warning then sign off on them. the carryforward amount will show on the schedule 9 and donations tab. hope this helps.  have a good year! 

ProFile Duncan
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Charitable donations carryforward


Just to add to the great answer already posted, I am adding a screenshot of the override needed:



The above is a snippet from the Donation form. It shows the override, with the warning mentioned. It also shows the ending balance with the amount that will be carried forward to the next year.

Also, keep the charitable donations receipts handy in case CRA asks to see them in the year the donation is claimed.