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Level 3

Class 14.1 - Goodwill

Hi all, T2 S8/S8Class question here.


1. Shareholder set up NewCorp (CCPC Professional Corporation) and owns 100% of the voting shares.

2. Shareholder bought all shares of OldCorp (another CCPC Professional Corporation) and became sole Director.

3. Shareholder amalgamated NewCorp and OldCorp into AmalCorp and is sole Director.

4. When Shareholder bought OldCorp, Shareholder paid a premium (NewGoodwill).

5. OldCorp already had Goodwill on its books (OldGoodwill).


The question is do both NewGoodwill and OldGoodwill qualify as AIIP in the first year of filing after amalgamation? 


Followup question: what about the tangible assets in other classes e.g. Class 8?  Is AIIP applicable to "brand new" assets or "new to me" assets on amalgamation?  


Thank you.