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Level 4

E sign--T183

Just wondering if there is a way to save the file so only the T183 is sent for signature rather than the whole file.

I know can go in an take off all other forms but when doing a large quality of files, that is a lot of work and I assume the majority will be Esigned.



Level 2

E sign--T183

Hi, You can click on the "print one page " icon, and instead of sending it to your printer, use the drop down to save it to Profile PDF export. Then you can create your email and attach the file.

Hope this helps,


PS Not sure if there are other options as well, this is just how I do it..

Level 2

E sign--T183

Go to options form selection and set one of the 5 options to just the T183, make sure you select T1EFILE for print job or as already suggested single page print icon.

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

E sign--T183

Hi, thank you for using Intuit ProFile Community

In Options > form selection you can create user specified forms in columns 4 and/or 5.


For example, column 4 can be set up to print the T183 only. It can also be set to be an option for print PDF.

Using this method when printing, columns not required can be unchecked to print only column 4

Hope this helps