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Profile T1: Carry Forward Error ("Abstract Error")



Using Profile T1 (2020.0.0), trying to carry-forward files from 2011, 2012, 2013, but keep getting error "Abstract Error" (see attached screenshot). Haven't tried other years, so don't know if this carry-forward error is for all OR selected years


Need assistance.



ProFile Team

Profile T1: Carry Forward Error ("Abstract Error")

Hi, thank you for using Intuit ProFile community

I apologize for the inconvenience but check to see if there is a file under file template in Options module for the tax years involved.

If this is not the issue, call us at 1-800-452-9970 for an agent to assist you

Hope this helps  

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Profile T1: Carry Forward Error ("Abstract Error")

I have the same problem. Also doing returns for around 2011 on. Complete fresh install on Win10 (no previous versions.) The templates are common templates from a server.  Other computers Win10 and 2020.0.0 can carry forward without a problem. But this one gives the "abstract" error.

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Profile T1: Carry Forward Error ("Abstract Error")


Solution suggested by Intuit was:

  • open the return that you would like to carry-forward
  • right-click anywhere on the T1-Info-page, and select carry-forward

This is a work around, though if I still get the "Abstract Error" if I carry-forward the traditional way (i.e. ctrl+R).


Hopefully it works for you as well.