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Refile Amount

Dear Members,


I am trying to refile working from home due to covid. This was not enter in the first efile. The return  was $1200.00 and when I enter the refile expense due to working from home for 230 day the new return (refile) is now showing $899. My question is when doing a refile does the new amount adds up to the first return amount or does it only show the new refile return amounts? I am confused because the first return was $1200 and the refile is $460. Will the new refill only show $460 to both $1200 and the $460?


Thanks very much in advance.



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Level 4

Refile Amount

I am going to guess on this that once you put in the "working from home" expenses, you reduced their income low enough that they are now not eligible for the working income benefit. That is about $890.

Since you have refiled they will now owe the government the $890 back.

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

Refile Amount

The refund or balance owing is the final result and not just the result of the change. As pointed out, any change in the return may affect other credits or deductions. Review the whole return to see what lines were affected by the change