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Farm T1 not accepted by CRA (Code 184) 

967062 There is an entry on line 67062 on the form T2043 ???

There is no T2043 in software ???

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Level 7


There is a T2043 if you are in ON, MB, SK, AB.  Box 67062 is ticked if you have multiple farming business with one or more permanent establishments.  I wonder, if you are not in one of those provinces, if you accidentally put a number in the "Return of Fuel Charge Proceeds to Farmers Tax Credit" box in the income section of T2042, or if you otherwise indicated he operates in multiple provinces?

Baker Books
Level 2


I am getting same error.  ProFile automatically putting an entry on this line.  Error states an update will be provided in upcoming release?  Think I shall just override this amount if no other suggestions.

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team


If you get this error be sure you are on the latest version of ProFile: 2021.4.0. This current version of ProFile does have the T2043. Updating should resolve the error.