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Upcoming Webinars for ProFile


Flexible licensing and Back up to the cloud

March 17, 2021

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Licensing (Where to find the Product Code and License Key, Entitlement and Expiration)
  • Activation (How to activate and common errors in activation)
  • What is Flexible Licensing and when to use the feature

We'll also go over entering EFILE credentials/preparer information. 

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T3 Module forms and filing (End to End)

March 24, 2021

In this webinar, you will learn about working with trusts in ProFile with the T3 license. We'll talk about filling out the common forms, meeting the requirements of filing a T3 return, and what to do if you just need to file the T3 slip for your client. 

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What's New 2020.4.0

March 31, 2021

In this webinar, we will share what's new with the ProFile software and CRA updates that may affect the forms or changes that will be reflected in the software. We'll also go over entering EFILE credentials/preparer information. 
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Feature Demo: eSignature

March 10, 2021

In this webinar, we'll be doing a demo of the new eSignature feature in ProFile. This will be a short webinar to avoid taking up too much of your time during the busy tax season. This will be a live session and a great opportunity for you to ask questions to an expert.
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Level 6

Upcoming Webinars for ProFile

Will those webinar be also available in french?



Level 2

Upcoming Webinars for ProFile

The March 10th eSignature Webinar is full.  Will you be offering this again?

ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

Upcoming Webinars for ProFile

Hi, thank you for using Intuit ProFile Community

There is just one session scheduled at this time. The webinar will be recorded and the recording will be available on our support site website

Hope this helps

Level 2

Upcoming Webinars for ProFile

Thank you for your response

Level 2

Upcoming Webinars for ProFile

Any upcoming webinars for profile in November, December 2021 or January 2022?