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Set up and configure time off accruals in QuickBooks Time

First, set up and configure your time off codes and preferences. Only admins can set up and manage time off accruals.

Set up time off accruals

Note: Accrual settings set up in the Time Off Codes window apply to all team members assigned to that Time Off code, except those with personalized accrual settings. If a personalized accrual was set up for a team member, it's noted within the Time Off Accrual Settings window at the top: x team members have personalized accrual settings and will not be affected by any changes made here. Click X team members to see the list of team members with personalized accruals.

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes.
  2. Next to the Time Off code you want to enable, select the pencil icon.
  3. Check Track Accruals, then select Edit Settings.
  4. From the Accrual Settings drop-down, select None, Manual, Yearly, Every Pay Period, or Based on Hours Worked.
    • None: No automatic accruals are set up and there is not a bank of hours to add to.
    • Manual: No automatic accruals are set up, but hours can be added through the Accrual Ledger.
    • Yearly: Adds a lump sum of time to the assigned team member’s balance.
    • Every Pay Period: A set amount of hours accrue at the end of each pay period.
    • Based on hours worked: Determines how many hours to accrue based on how many hours an individual team member has worked by the end of a pay period.

Note: for the Accruals will take place X day(s) after the end of each pay period, 5 days is recommended. This buffer allows for timesheet adjustments before the time off accruals are calculated based on those timesheets.

Add or adjust team member time off balances

Add or adjust a balance for one team member:

  1. Go to My Team and select a team member.
  2. Select the Time Off  tab> Accrual Ledger.
    • You can also access this by going to Time Off Accruals and Balances, then selecting the team member name to choose a team member.
  3. Use the Note column to add a reason for the adjustment.
  4. Then, enter a number in the Hours +/- column.
    • To add hours, type any number (i.e., 8).
    • To subtract hours, add a negative (-) in front of the number (i.e., -8).
  5. Select Save.

Add or adjust balances for multiple team members:

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes. Select Actions > Download Time Off Balances.
  2. Open the spreadsheet.
  3. In the appropriate column(s), add or change the hours, and save the spreadsheet.
  4. Go back to Actions and select Upload New Balances.
  5. In the Import Time Off Balances window, if you are changing balances, check the Replace Balances box. Leave it unchecked if you are adding the spreadsheet numbers to their current balances.
  6. Select Choose File, navigate to the file, and select Open.
  7. Select Import. A list of the changes displays.

Add or adjust individual team member accrual settings


Adjust accruals for a specific team member

  1. Go to My Team and choose a team member.
  2. Select Time Off.
  3. Under the Accruals column, select the accrual type.
  4. From the Accrual Settings drop-down, select the accrual type, complete the remaining fields, and select Save.
    • Note: If the accrual needs to match what you set up in the Time Off Preferences window, select (Use Company Settings).


View a spreadsheet of accrual settings

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes.
  2. Next to the time off code for which you want to download a spreadsheet, select the pencil icon > Download.


Update accrual settings via spreadsheet

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes.
  2. Next to the time off code for which you want to download a spreadsheet, select the pencil icon > Download.
  3. Open the spreadsheet, make any adjustments, and save the file as .csv.
  4. Back in the time off code view, select Upload settings.
  5. Select Browse, navigate to the .csv file, select the file, and then Open.
  6. Back on the Import Time Off Accrual Settings window, select Import.

Send an anniversary reminder (PTO Adjustment Reminder) email to admins and managers

This feature allows you to select recipients for a monthly recurring email. The email includes a report of team members who are approaching the anniversary of their hire date and what their current accrual settings are. This is the best way we've found for administrators and managers to proactively manage which users may need changes made to their accrual settings as they approach set years of employment.

  1. Go to Feature Add-ons > Time Off Codes.
  2.  Select Actions > Set Accrual Reminders.
  3. In Anniversary Reminders, select the option next to “Who should get these reminders?” to choose who in your company receives a monthly email with a list of team members who have accruals configured for time off codes.
  4. After selecting the recipients, select OK. Then select Save.

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