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Purchasing a OnePay License

What is OnePay?

OnePay is a one-time license that allows a ProFile customer to file a single T1, T2, or T3 return. It is an alternate to purchasing a full ProFile license that allows for unlimited returns.

Who is OnePay for?

A OnePay license is best-suited for:

  • an existing ProFile customer whose license has expired, but still needs to file a return or returns
  • a new ProFile customer with a limited number of returns to be filed
  • a resident of Quebec at the end of the fiscal year, and only the Federal module has been purchased and not the Quebec TP1 or the Quebec T646 *
  • a ProFile customer with a business registered in Quebec*

*In the event of the OnePay purchase for Quebec, the preparer is required to NetFile the TP1 separately from the Federal. They also require a NetFile QC Number and Access Code. For more information visit Revenu Quebec.

Note: If the taxpayer resides in any other Province and has an RL-1, the TP1 return is not necessary; the RL-1 information can be entered in the T4 form.

What modules does OnePay Apply to?

T1, T2, and T3 modules are eligible for the OnePay license option.

Why am I being prompted to purchase a OnePay?

If a ProFile customer attempts to populate a form for any module (e.g., T1, T2, or T3) without an existing valid ProFile license, the OnePay purchase wizard displays.

Can I use Auto-fill my Return (AFR) with OnePay?

Yes. Prior to using AFR with OnePay the preparer:

  • requires an EFILE account
  • requires a representative ID
  • needs to EFILE a T1013 form

Review this article to learn more about authorizing or cancelling a representative.

How do I Purchase a OnePay License?

OnePay can only be purchased from within ProFile. An internet connection is required to complete the purchase via our secure web page.

Please note: if purchasing a OnePay for a recurring client, carry forward the return(s) before purchase.

1.  Open a return in the appropriate module (for example, T1). If you are purchasing a OnePay upgrade, open the file and go to File>Purchase OnePay... or select the OnePay star button in the shortcut toolbar.2021-09-15_12-02-54.jpg

The "Choose your Plan." option displays:

User-added image

2. Click the button under the preferred OnePay option.

3. Review the "Purchase a ProFile OnePay" window and click "Next" to proceed:

User-added image

4. Enter the social insurance number (SIN) and first/last name of the taxpayer whose return is to be filed:

User-added image

5. Click the "Next" button.

The payment screen loads:

User-added image

The shopping card window displays the details of the OnePay order:

User-added image

6. Confirm the details of the OnePay order and click the "Checkout" button; the "Checkout" window displays:

User-added image

7. Enter the necessary company and billing information.

8. Click the "Continue" button; the "Payment Information" window displays:

User-added image

9. Enter the necessary payment information and click the "Continue" button.

The "Review Your Order" window displays:

User-added image

10. Review the payment and purchase information. If correct, click the "Place Order" button.

The confirmation window displays the OnePay order and cost:

User-added image

11. Click the "close this window" link in the top bar; the link is highlighted in the screenshot above.

The OnePay payment wizard closes.

The preparer is returned to ProFile and to the return to be filed.

12. Save the return.

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