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Level 2

Her employer won't sign the conditions of employment form because she is working from home for medical reasons and not contractual reasons.

Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide! 

Level 4

Sorry, there is not a way without the signed form.  The expenses have to be incurred due to a condition of employment to be deductible.

Level 5

I agree. Unfortunately, some employers don't know about, or are afraid to complete the Declaration of Conditions of Employment form even though employees are required to work from home, pay for their supplies/cell phones or use their motor vehicle. Perhaps it would be a good idea to speak to the employer about this form and explain the required conditions.

Level 2

The employer knows about the conditions of employment form and how to fill it out but will not do so because my client works from home for medical reasons and not because the employer requires her to do so

Level 2

i was thinking that maybe there was a way to deduct them under medical/disability expenses because if she didn't have the mental conditions she wouldn't be working out of her home for her employer