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Level 1

Residency status

I am trying to determine the residency status of my client.  They landed in Canada on Sept 15, 2023 with an iecvisa, this means they plan to stay for at least 2 years.  As of Dec 31, 2023, they have a SIN, a Canadian bank  account and are renting a home, no spouse or children.  They have applied to for a Canadian drivers license and applied for medical, still waiting.

The only ties they have left in their home country is a bank account.

I believe they would be an immigrant for the 2023 tax year, would anyone agree?  Thanks in advance.

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Level 7

Residency status

Yes, I would say so.  If you have any doubt about the residency status, you can complete a form NR74, available on CRA's website.  There is also a very brief interactive questionnaire you can complete there.

Level 3

Residency status

Yes, we have many similar situations every year.  When you put the date they came to Canada, it will automatically mark residence and immigrant.  Then mark filing first time and it is good to go.