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Level 4

T1 module - Claim for disability amount

I have submitted the following comment through FEEDBACK in the software, but I think it is important to mention this here as well, so that this suggestion will hopefully reach the proper "ears"...


T1 module. Information page.


There is currently a yes/no question which says...

Claim disability amount?


Strongly suggest that you "split" this into two questions.


First... "Has CRA approved disability amount claim for current year?" yes/no
Then after that... "Claim disability amount this year?" yes/no


This is IMPORTANT. It is important to track whether the CRA has approved the disability amount, regardless of whether or not the taxpayer wishes to claim the amount in the current year.


THEN it is important to decide whether or not to claim the disability amount in the current year.


When the preparer of the next year return looks back, they should be able to determine from the answers whether the taxpayer was approved and the choice the taxpayer made.


The way things are presently set up, if the answer chosen is NO, then it is not possible to tell whether a) the taxpayer was approved and chose not to claim the amount, or b) the taxpayer has not been approved


Please please please please please.....


Larry Hancock CPA

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ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

T1 module - Claim for disability amount


Any changes you think ProFile should make, need to be made in the Send Feedback app in the help menu in ProFile, as you mentioned. Our product development team reviews all submissions although they do not respond to these posts. 

I can note this, but your posting in the feedback app works best 

Level 6

T1 module - Claim for disability amount



I attach memos in the "Claim Disability Amount" box and check the "carry forward to next year" box. The memos include such info as when I gave the DTC form to the client, when it was approved by the CRA, for which years, and if T1 adjustments have been made. This method has perfectly worked for me-one glance at the memo allows me to get the required info in literally seconds.





Level 4

T1 module - Claim for disability amount

If you download clients info from CRA it will give you that information, However I am wondering WHY if they have the DTC on file and is VALID that you would NOT be using this credit ?

Level 4

T1 module - Claim for disability amount



If you have over $10,000 of attendant care/long term care of expenses you are allowed to claim either


a) DTC and $10,000 of those expenses, or

b) no DTC and full amount of those expenses


The tax reduction is sometimes better for a) and sometimes better for b)


If you choose b) then the software itself currently does not carry forward that knowledge of DTC elibilbility for to the next year


Larry Hancock CPA