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T2 forms printing issue

Currently on the most recent ProFile update as of 2023-09-13. T2 doesn't print any important forms like T2, S1, S5, S50, S100, S125, S500. Was able to print all forms of other older files on other devices without updating it but since I had that one particular file created in the new version, I had to update ProFile in other devices as well, hence making them unable to print any files irrespective of whether it was created in old version or created in new version.


Kindly look into this and if this is a system error then please have this fixed. Otherwise let us know any alternative routes. I have already looked at all help sources on Intuit's website, none of them are working.



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Level 1

T2 forms printing issue

Having the same problem.  Isolated to printing 2023 T2's.  2022 dated T2's print fine as well as T1's and T3's.  Earlier this week no issues.   Have not upgraded version.   


ProFile Duncan
ProFile Team

T2 forms printing issue


I apologize for printing issues in 2023.0.0. This issue is being investigated at the highest level. Affected returns are T2, CO-17 and TP1. T1 and prior year T2 printing is not affected. Please do not update, if you have not, until this issue is resolved

Stephen R
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T2 forms printing issue

Most of our computers did not update, but still cant' print.

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T2 forms printing issue

The printing issue seemed to have been resolved this morning but as of 1pm MST onward, today Sept 14, the issue has returned. This is in version 2022.5.5 for the T2 2022 module returns especially. Profile - Duncan - do you have any updates on ETA for fix on this and whether or not we should be updating to the 2023.0.0 to resolve or if there are any other fixes we can apply to be able to print PDFs as soon as possible today?

Thank you kindly!