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Tuition Transfer from AB to BC

Hi everyone,


Client moved from AB to BC in 2019 and have unclaimed tuition carry forward from AB, but I don't know how to claim it in Profile.

I claimed it on the BCS11, but CRA rejected it.

It looks like I need to fill out another form in Profile for interprovincial tuition transfer.


I appreciate any comment.




ProFile Team

Tuition Transfer from AB to BC

Hi, thank you for using Intuit ProFile Community

There is not an inter-provincial transfer form in ProFile. Generally it is not possible use an s11 for a province other than the s11 for the province of residence; so BCS11 for a BC resident.

Maybe CRA can explain why it was rejected.

Hope this helps

Level 1

Tuition Transfer from AB to BC

Thanks. I called CRA and they have changed the rule last year, no provincial transfer are allowed in BC.

British Columbia

British Columbia has eliminated its tuition and education amounts for years after 2018.

Students who have unused tuition and education tax credits from 2018 and prior tax years, will still be able to claim them in 2019 or carry them forward to future tax years.

Individuals who move to British Columbia from other provinces or territories after December 31, 2018, will no longer be able to claim their accumulated tuition and education tax credits in British Columbia.