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Link your Monzo account to QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

Pots are a handy feature in Monzo that lets you allocate money for specific purposes. Think of them as virtual containers where you can set aside funds for different goals, such as saving for a holiday, building an emergency fund, or budgeting for a specific expense. 

When you connect your Monzo account to QuickBooks Online, you have two options to choose from:

  1. Monzo: Select this option if you want to include round-up transactions and manual transfers to each Pot in QuickBooks. Just remember, the Pot itself is not treated as a separate bank feed. Only the movement to and from each Pot is included in your QuickBooks Online transactions.
  2. Monzo without Pots: On the other hand, if you choose this option, it means you prefer to keep your finances separate and don’t need the additional functionality of Pots. 

How do payments from a Monzo Pot show up in the bank feed?

When you make payments directly from a Monzo Pot, they will appear as regular account transactions. They won’t be shown separately from other transactions in your account. 

How can I switch from Monzo feed to Monzo without Pots

To switch over to Monzo without Pots, you’ll need to disconnect your current Monzo account first. Then, when you reconnect it, simply select the Monzo (without Pots) option. We recommend talking to your Accountant or Bookkeeper before making the switch.

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