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Pre-conversion checklist for Xero migration using Dataswitcher

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

This article outlines the specific pre-conversion steps for Xero.

We expect that you have already covered the general pre-conversion steps and you can simply go ahead with the remaining ones on this list.

Click here for the general pre-conversion checklist.

Note: If you use cash-based accounting, we advise you to migrate directly after close (and reconciliation) of a tax period. The post-conversion work in Quickbooks Online can be substantial if you have a high volume of partially paid invoices.

If you are converting partway through tax period you will need to run your VAT report, in Xero,  from the period start-date to the present day. This information is required post-migration for the successful submission of your first VAT filing in QuickBooks Online. Export the report to PDF.

After the conversion is completed you will need to check the results. Please run and save the following reports from Xero:

  1. Profit and loss until conversion date
  2. Trial balance until conversion date
  3. Balances on your bank accounts
  4. Print a list of outstanding invoices of your customers and suppliers per conversion date

When switching software, in some instanced not all data is converted. It is essential that you extract data from Xero for tax or any other auditing purposes, and store it safely.

Export at least the following reports for all available data in Xero:

  1. Sales Tax report
  2. Account Transactions

NOTE: Consider separate payroll data extraction if you have used payroll, including P60s and payslips etc.

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