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Set up QuickBooks Bureau Payroll

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Welcome to Bureau Payroll! Whether you’ve already purchased Bureau Payroll or are considering it, this guide will walk you through the steps to set up your client list.

Note: If you’ve already purchased Bureau Payroll, skip to step 3.

Step 1: Request access to Bureau Payroll 

Reach out to your account manager, and they’ll help you in getting the necessary access. 

After you gain access to Bureau Payroll, your client list will automatically be updated with your new payroll licenses. 

Next, we’ll show you where these licenses will show and how you can make sure they’re correctly named.  

Step 2: Customise the names of your clients 

You’ll need to change the names of your clients in the list. Each payroll license will have a default name like “Client-123145775101507-1694008425-4” which you can edit. 

  1. Go to Clients
  2. Next to the client, select Edit client
  3. In the Business name field, enter a unique name. 
  4. Change the display name. 
  5. Enter the client’s business details if necessary. 
  6. Select Save

Step 3: Add the client’s business details 

  2. Select the client to open their details. 
  3. Select the gear icon. 
  4. Select the Company tab. 
  5. Next to the Company name field, select the pencil icon. 
  6. Enter the client’s company name. 
  7. Select Save and then Done

Step 4: Connect to payroll for your clients 

Next, let’s establish the connection to payroll for each of your clients. This needs to be done for each individual client.

  1. Go to the client’s QuickBooks account.
  2. Select Payroll. The enable payroll window appears.
  3. Follow the prompts and setup steps to get connected. 

Step 5: Review the client list in Bureau Payroll 

  1. Go back to your Accountant dashboard. 
  2. Select Accountant Tools
  3. Select Bureau payroll
  4. On the navigation menu, select Businesses
  5. Select Update

That’s it! You’ve successfully set up Bureau Payroll and activated payroll for your clients. 

Check out the Bureau Payroll hub for more helpful guides.

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