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ProAdvisor Programme - FAQ



Q: What is the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme?


A: The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme enables accounting professionals to grow their practice, skills and QuickBooks expertise by providing benefits including training, customer care, strategic marketing tools, and accountant specific product discounts. Click to learn more about the ProAdvisor Programme.



Q: How do I join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme?


A: The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme  is available to all accounting professionals using QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). When you create a QuickBooks Online Accountant login, you’ll belong under a QuickBooks Accountant (QBA) practice and you will automatically be enrolled under the QBA practice’s ProAdvisor Programme  account. Each QBA practice has its own ProAdvisor Programme  account.

To access the Programme , log into QBOA and choose the ProAdvisor tab on the left-hand side. Click for the sign in page.



 Q: Am I eligible for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme?


A: If you have a QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) account, you are eligible to participate in the ProAdvisor Programme. Click on the ProAdvisor tab in QBOA to access your tier, benefits, training and certification and much more.



Q: What changed in the Programme?


A: We’ve redesigned several components of the Programme , with the introduction of a new points-based structure, new benefits and an improved in-product experience. Click for a complete overview about the ProAdvisor Programme.



Q: Will the redesigned QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme impact my current benefits and listing on Find-a-ProAdvisor?


A: No, you won’t lose any of the existing benefits you currently have. Also, your listing on Find-a-ProAdvisor will not be influenced by the new Programme changes.  As long as you still have an active certification, you can publish your profile on Find-a-ProAdvisor.



Q: Why did Intuit make changes to the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme?


A: We’ve invested heavily in listening to member feedback, struggles accountants face in growing their business, and global accounting industry trends. The redesigned Programme  focusses on developing long term partnerships to help members grow their practice and QuickBooks Online expertise.



Q: Why am I no longer a Bronze ProAdvisor?


A: The redesigned QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme has four tiers — Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite.  The Bronze tier has been removed from the Programme and Silver has replaced this, with the same benefits you’re used to.



Q: How do I achieve each tier?


A: If you are a new QuickBooks Online Accountant user under a new QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBA) practice, you will automatically be placed in the Silver tier. See how many points needed by a QBA practice to unlock the other tiers:

  • Silver: 0 to 199
  • Gold: 200 to 799
  • Platinum: 800 to 2,999
  • Elite: 3,000+




Q: How are my points calculated?


A: The new points system was designed to recognise the work you do and give you more flexibility in moving up the tiers and unlocking new benefits.  Points are accumulated based on all members in the same QuickBooks Online Accountant practice through the completion of actions (see list below).

To earn points, complete the following:

  • Add a QuickBooks Online subscription for a client.
  • Complete certification for QuickBooks Online.
  • Complete advanced certification for QuickBooks Online.

For QuickBooks Online client subscriptions, the connected accountant will receive points as long as they are connected to the account, and the account has an active subscription. For full details about how to earn, see this blog post.



Q: Where can I see my points balance?


A: You can see your point balance anytime by logging into QuickBooks Online Accountant and accessing the ProAdvisor tab — click here to take you straight to your account.



Q: Do my points expire?


A: Points will expire from your balance when the action that earned them is no longer valid. For example, if you have 10 points for a QuickBooks Online subscription for one of your clients, and that subscription is cancelled, then those 10 points will be deducted from the point balance.



Grace Period


Q: What is a grace period?


A: A grace period will keep you in the same tier without losing benefits anytime your QuickBooks Online Accountant practice’s point balance drops below the tier threshold. The grace period gives you time to earn enough points to maintain the tier. If the points balance at the end of the grace period do not meet the threshold for the tier, you and all members of the same QuickBooks practice will be moved to the lower tier.



Q: I received an email which said I had a year to enjoy my new tier — what is this?


A: To recognise the work you’ve put in on the previous ProAdvisor Programme, we’re guaranteeing you one year in the equivalent tier in the relaunched ProAdvisor Programme.  For the next year you will have full access to all the benefits of that tier. At the end of the year, your points balanced will determine what tier you will be in.



Q: What is the grace period when the point balance falls under a tier point requirement?


A: Any time the point balance falls under the tier point requirement, you and all members of the same QuickBooks Online Accountant practice will have 90 days to earn enough points to remain in the tier. During the 90 day grace period, you will continue to have full access to the benefits in the tier. If the points balance at the end of the grace period does not meet the threshold for the tier, you and all members of the same practice will be moved to the lower tier.






Q: What are the benefits of the new QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme?


A: A full list of QuickBooks ProAdvisor benefits can be found inside of QuickBooks Online Accountant, on your ProAdvisor tab or by going here.



Q: How do I redeem my benefits?


A: Your benefits can be accessed at any time by logging into QuickBooks Online Accountant here.



Q: How do I unlock more benefits?


A: The higher your tier, the more benefits you unlock.  Continue taking actions to earn points to get to the next level!  For full details about how to earn, see 'How To Earn Points' article.



Q: Can I request ideas for new benefits?


A: We love your feedback!  To request new benefits please log into QuickBooks Online Accountant, go to the ProAdvisor tab, and click on the link titled “Send Feedback” in the top right corner.

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