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Enter time off for team members


  • Time off hours can include sick days, vacation time, annual leave, and holidays.
  • Account administrators can enter time off for any team member.
  • Managers can enter time off for the group/crew that they manage.

Enter time off for one team member

  1. Go to Time Off.
  2. At the lower left, enter the team member's name, and click Switch User.
  3. Choose the date and, from the drop-down, select the Time off code.
  4. Enter the hours, and click Save.

Enter time off for multiple team members

  1. Go to Time Off.
  2. select Switch to multi-user entry mode.
  3. Next to Select Groups/Team Members, select (select team members).
  4. In the Select Team Members/Groups window, select Check All, or choose groups and/or individual team members, and select OK.
  5. From the drop-down, select a time off code, and enter the hours.
  6. Select Append (to add hours to previously entered time on selected days) or Replace, and select Go.
  7. Note: if certain selected team members are not able to have a negative balance don't have enough time off balance for the hours being entered, an error message will be shown. Balances or Accrual settings will need to be adjusted if time has to be entered. See: How to Set Up Time Off Codes and Accruals

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