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Connect to HubSpot and get deals into QuickBooks Online Advanced

Learn how to connect your HubSpot account to import deals.

In QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can download deals from HubSpot as invoices. 

Use the HubSpot for QuickBooks app to connect your accounts. Then you can send deals from HubSpot to QuickBooks as draft invoices. All you have to do is approve the drafts to add them to QuickBooks. This speeds up the sales cycle and keeps all of your info organized. Here's how to set everything up and get HubSpot deals into QuickBooks.

Step 1: Connect Hubspot to QuickBooks

You need to be an admin user in QuickBooks and HubSpot to complete the connection. 

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online Advanced as an admin
  2. Go to the Apps menu. 
  3. Search for the HubSpot for QuickBooks app and select Learn More.
  4. From the HubSpot page, select Connect App.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps to connect.
  6. In the HubSpot sign-in window, sign in as an admin. Then select Allow to connect.

Fix connection errors

If HubSpot disconnects from QuickBooks, don't worry. Just follow the steps again to reconnect the account.

Step 2: Get Deals into QuickBooks

Everything is set up. You're ready to bring deals into QuickBooks. 

Every time you select Create new and then QuickBooks invoice in HubSpot, it sends the deal over to QuickBooks. QuickBooks creates a draft invoice from the deal.

To review the draft invoices:

  1. Go to the Tasks menu. Or, go to the HubSpot menu and select View tasks.
  2. Review the opportunities on the Outstanding list.
  3. Select the ▼ dropdown and then Edit details to see more info. Note: Deals with exclamation marks need to be reviewed. This means a product or service from HubSpot isn't matched to one in QuickBooks. 
  4. Make edits as needed. To review the original deal, select the HubSpot deal link.
  5. When you're ready, select Save

After you save the draft, QuickBooks converts the draft into a regular invoice. You can now treat the invoice like any other sales form in QuickBooks.

Disconnect your HubSpot account

If you want to stop downloading new deals from HubSpot, disconnect your account:

  1. Go to the HubSpot menu.
  2. Select Disconnect.
  3. Follow the onscreen steps.

Note: QuickBooks deletes any drafts you haven't reviewed and saved.

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