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Add project estimate summaries to a progress invoice

Learn how to include estimate summaries on your progress invoices in QuickBooks Online.

If you do projects for customers and bill them as you go (“progress invoicing”), you can include an estimate summary on their invoices. This keeps your customers in the loop and lets them know how much they’ve been invoiced for their projects.

Step 1: Turn on progress invoicing and create an invoice template

If you haven’t already, turn on progress invoicing. Follow Steps 1 and 2 to set up progress invoicing and create a template using the Airy classic style.

Step 2: Add estimate summaries to your invoice template

Go back into the Custom Form Styles menu to add estimate summaries.

  1. Select the Settings ⚙ icon from any page, and then select Custom Form Styles.
  2. Select Edit to update your existing progress invoicing template.
  3. Select the Content tab. Then select the pencil icon on the third section of the form.This image shows the options when you select the third section of the customization form. This form is on the content tab of the custom form styles module.
  4. Check the Estimate summary checkbox.
  5. Select Done to save your work.

Estimate summaries will now appear at the bottom of invoices using this template.

This image shows the estimate summary and other linked progress invoices at the bottom of a progress invoice.

Step 3: Set your default invoice template

Use your new template to send progress invoices. If you send lots of progress invoices, we recommend using this as your new standard template for all invoices.

  1. Go back to Custom Form Styles.
  2. Select the arrow in the Action column next to the template, and then select Make default.

If you only want to use this template for progress invoices, select Customize directly on the invoice form to change the template.

Add estimate summaries to printed invoices

The steps above only add estimate summaries to emailed invoices. To add them to printed invoices:

  1. Go to the Sales menu and select the All Sales tab.
  2. Find and open an invoice.
  3. Select Customize. Then select the template with the customizations you made in "Step 1: Turn on progress invoicing and create an invoice template.”
  4. Select Print or Preview to review the layout.
  5. When you’re ready, select Print.

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