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QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) FAQ's

Know more about QuickBooks Advanced Reporting which is one of the special features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.



What is QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting lets you use your QuickBooks data to create interactive reports and gain better insight into your business. It quickly runs reports without sacrificing speed and performance for all QuickBooks Enterprise users.

You can choose from some reports we've created or build your own report from scratch. Either way, you're able to gain powerful insights into how your business runs.

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How can I customize a report?

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting lets you customize virtually all aspects of your reports.To help you get started, we created some starter reports that resemble existing reports in QuickBooks. There's also the library that contains many common customization tools. You can open the Library from the top left corner of any report.

In the library, you can double-click on any list box to quickly add them to your report. Think of list boxes as filters that let you drill down to the information you really want to use.

If you want to see more advanced customization options, just right-click on the object you want to customize and select Properties. You'll see all the ways to make your report show exactly the information you want, in the right format.

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Why does QuickBooks Advanced Reporting ask me to update every time I open it?

This ensures that your reports use your up-to-date QuickBooks company file.

Updating can take a few seconds or a few hours depending on the size of your company file and the speed of your computer.

How can I sign up for QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting is available for users with active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscriptions. Just give our sales team a call on our business hours at (866) 379-6635 to have it enabled for your business at no cost.

I am having issues setting up QuickBooks Advanced Reporting, can you help?

Sure can! Give us a call on our business hours at 866-340-QBES (7237)  and we would be happy to help you set it up.

How do I find the right data to use on reports in QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

There is a ton of information you can use to make reports, so finding it can be a bit of a challenge. Fear not! Here are some tips for finding the right data to use on your reports:

  • To add new columns or data to a report, right-click a table, chart, or graph, and select Properties.
    • Should this data be grouped and subtotaled in your report? Click the Dimensions tab.
    • Do you just want to see it as a column in the report? Click the Expressions tab.
  • When you add a new expression or dimension, you'll see options for Tables and Fields. Tables help you narrow what you see, if you know what type of field you want.
    • For example, if you want to add Quantity on Hand to a Sales Report, you can select Item from the table menu and only choices related to Item appear in Field.
  • Often, you'll see the same or similar fields in multiple tables. To figure out which table you should use, see if what you want to display is on a transaction.
    • For example, if you want to see data about your transactions, so you would use the Transactions table, not the Item or Customer tables.
    • View training materials on QuickBooks Advanced Reporting

What is QlikView®?

We use QlikView, a business intelligence tool, to build QuickBooks Advanced Reporting. QlikView is a product of Qlik®, who we partner with to provide you with a powerful reporting feature right inside your QuickBooks. There's no need to download QlikView since you already have it loaded with your data in QuickBooks.

Where can I get those QlikView resources?

We've curated some of the most useful QlikView resources. There are videos, PDF guides, and community posts ready for you on our QlikView Resource page. Once you get to their site, you may be required to create a login. Then you can access more help beyond what we've given you.

Where can I get training on QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

We have created several training videos and posted many articles on How Do I's to assist you. We have created 6 "Starter Reports" with instructions to help guide you through the process and provided additional resources with User Guide and Data Dictionary . You can view them at

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Will Intuit Support help me create custom reports?

As much as we would love to help create the reports, our expertise lies within making sure the information is available. We are not experts in QlikView, or Accounting Principles and Expressions needed to help create the reports you need. We can provide you resources like members of our  Intuit Resellers Program (IRP) that are familiar in these areas where fees may apply. Make sure to check the QB Advanced Reporting box to find IRPs that advertise expertise with QuickBooks Advanced Reporting.

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