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QuickBooks Data Services FAQ

Learn how to send your file to our Data Services team. Learn how to contact them and how to check the status of your case.

Note: In your Welcome Email, we send you instructions. It'll have details and a link to upload your backup file. The subject line will have your case number.  The sender will be

How do I contact QuickBooks Data Services?

If you have questions, Message Us. We can check the status of your open case or answer any questions. We're available M-F 6 AM - 6 PM PT.

I've just started my QuickBooks Data Services case, now what?

When you report your issue to QuickBooks support, they'll set expectations for the Data Services process.  They'll provide some action items you'll need to take. Your case can't get assigned to the Data Services team until all of those action items are done.

Here's a quick summary of those action items.

For cases on a QuickBooks Desktop product

  • Your company file must be uploaded to the appropriate website.
  • If you're converting a 3rd party software to QuickBooks Desktop, you must provide the password for your company file from the 3rd party software.
  • If you want to move your Data from QuickBooks Online, you can find apps to help you move transaction data like invoices, estimates, and bills from QuickBooks Apps.

For cases on a QuickBooks Online

  • We need permission. The link to provide permission to your case is in the Welcome Email you'll receive. The subject line will include your case number and the sender will be
  • You need to add Data Services as an admin user in your QuickBooks Online account.
    1. Select the Gear icon at the top, and then Manage Users.
    2. Select New.
    3. Select Company Administrator, and then Next.
    4. Enter then select Next and then Finish. Note: Simple Start users need to invite as an accountant.
      1. Select the Gear icon, then Manage Users.
      2. Go to the Accountants tab.
      3. Enter, then select Invite.
  • If you're converting a 3rd party software to QuickBooks Online, you must provide the password for your company file from the 3rd party software.

Note: It's important to complete these actions as soon as possible to avoid delays. We review new data services cases hourly. If you miss any action items, it's possible your case will miss an entire day of Data Services work.

For cases involving both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

  • We don't assist with the transfer of data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You can export your lists and balances from QuickBook Online.
  • If you want to move your Data from QuickBooks Online, you can find apps to help you move transaction data like invoices, estimates, and bills from QuickBooks Apps.

How do I upload or download my files?

Where do I upload?

What type of file can I upload?

Your Current Software File Type Extension
QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Enterprise
  • .QBW - Company file
  • .QBB - Backup file
  • .QBA - Accountant's Copy file
  • .QBM - Portable Company file
QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
  • .qb20xx, .dmg, .QBBMac
QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
  • .qpb or .db
3rd party software that you are converting to QuickBooks
  • Desktop Software: A backup or working file for the software you use. Include the password on a text document (if applicable).
  • Cloud Software: If you can't invite us as a user to your account, we'll need the login credentials for access to your company.

Can I upload multiple files?

You can upload multiple files to the case ID. You just have to upload them one at a time.

What if my file is too large to upload?

Sometimes files can get pretty big. No worries, we have a few options for you.

  • Create a portable company file (currently available only in English) to upload.
  • Snail mail. Send a copy of your data file on a USB drive to one of our Intuit locations.

Note: Please include a prepaid / self addressed envelope with your drive if you wish to have it mailed back after your case is completed.

Intuit Data Services
Case #
2800 E. Commerce Center PL.
Tucson, AZ, 85706

What if I have a QuickBooks Desktop file, but no longer have the software?

As long as you have a backup copy of your company file, you can use either of the options below to access your data:

  • You can install QuickBooks on a new computer. Just use your original license and product numbers.
  • You can use a trial version of QuickBooks Desktop (currently available only in English) to open your company file.

Can I transfer my QuickBooks Desktop data to or from QuickBooks Online?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to move your data.  You might want to save your info to the cloud and back up online data to a local drive.

How is my business data protected?

As long as you use the online form to upload your data to us, it will be protected.  We use the industry standard SSL encryption. Data is removed from our servers promptly after you have uploaded your file.   We store a copy on our local servers during conversion.
Post conversion, we move your data to a secure offline storage where it's encrypted. It's best practice to have a password on your data file.

How much does this service cost?

See the QuickBooks Data Services price list (currently available only in English).

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