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Issue a lost paycheck in Online Payroll

Learn how to reissue a paycheck for your employee if they lost it, or if it's a stale dated check and the bank won’t cash it.

Need help issuing a replacement check for your employees? We’re here to help.

Follow the steps below based on your payroll subscription.

Tip: Notify your bank as soon as you become aware of the loss and have the bank process a Stop Payment order for the check. If the check clears before the bank processes the Stop Payment order, you can try to recover the funds from the financial institution that cashed the check.

Intuit Online Payroll

  1. Go to Payday, then select Paycheck List.
  2. Change the date range if necessary.
  3. Select the paychecks you want to print.
  4. Select View & Print.
  5. A PDF will open. Select the printer icon on the upper right to print.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

Step 1: Edit the original paycheck

  1. Go to the original paycheck.
  2. Take note of the details of the paycheck.
  3. Change the check number with the next one available.
  4. Select Save and close.

Step 2: Reissue a replacement check

  1. Go to the Create ⨁  icon and select Check.
  2. From the Payee ▼ drop-down, choose the name of the employee.
  3. Specify the Bank Account you use for payroll.
  4. Complete the rest of the check fields.
    Note: The Memo field is optional. Text you enter in the Memo field appears in the register (or account history), on printed checks, and on reports that include this check.
    • In the Amount field, enter the net amount of the lost paycheck.
    • In the Category field, choose Payroll Expenses.
    • In the Check number field, enter the number of the lost paycheck.
    • In the Description field, enter a note.
    • In the Payment date field, enter the same date used on lost paycheck.
Important: If the date of the original paycheck is beyond what the bank can process (within 90 days of issued date), enter the current date.
  1. Select Print check.
  2. Select Save and close.

Step 3: Void the check to balance your register

  1. Open the check you created in Step 2.
  2. Replace the check number to match the original (the lost or stale dated) check.
    Note: Enter a memo before voiding the check. This way you have a reminder of what it’s for.
  3. Select More at the bottom, then choose Void.
  4. On the confirmation prompt select Yes, then OK.

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