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You have new paychecks to send

When opening QuickBooks Desktop, you may receive a warning message:

You have new paychecks to send. Click OK to review paychecks to be sent and to send them.

User-added imageThis message will occur if:

  • You created new direct deposit paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop that is waiting for you to send.
  • You have already sent the direct deposit paychecks to Intuit but QuickBooks Desktop does not recognize them as having been sent.
  • You restored a back up with direct deposit paychecks from previous payroll.

Assisted Payroll: sending payroll late may incur a late fee.

You recently created direct deposit paychecks and have not sent the data yet.

You may have created the direct deposit paychecks and decided to send it at a later time. Verify in your bank register if you have new direct deposit paychecks that you need to send to the payroll service.

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, select Banking > Use Register.
  2. Choose the checking account you use for payroll.
  3. In the Date column verify if you have paychecks for the current pay period.
  4. If you have not sent this payroll to Intuit, select Employees at the top toolbar and select Send Payroll Data.

If QuickBooks Desktop is trying to send direct deposit paychecks that have already been sent to the payroll service, see instructions below:

Assisted Payroll: Contact us for support if you have paychecks to send that have already been sent to the payroll service. Do not follow the steps below.You may have direct deposit paychecks that were already sent to Intuit but QuickBooks Desktop is recognizing that you still need to send them.

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, select Lists > Chart of Accounts.
  2. Right-click the Direct Deposit Liability account and select Quick Report.
  3. Change the From and To date of your report to match the date of the paycheck(s) that QuickBooks Desktop is trying to send. The list of direct deposit paychecks should display on the report.
  4. Double-click each paycheck to bring up the picture of the paycheck.
  5. Select the Paycheck Detail button to view the paycheck details.
  6. At the upper right hand corner, select to clear the Use Direct Deposit checkbox.
    • If QuickBooks Desktop does not allow you to uncheck the Use Direct Deposit box, void or delete the paycheck and re-create as regular paycheck.If for some reason you can't delete the paycheck, please contact us for assistance.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Select Save & Close.
  9. To zero out the net amount on DD paychecks that you unmarked, see instruction on how to create and use a Direct Deposit Offset payroll item.

Note: The paychecks you unmarked for direct deposit will show up in the bank register with net amounts. Because your employees have already received the direct deposit funds for this payroll, you will need extra few steps to zero out the net amount on each paycheck that you unmarked for direct deposit in order to balance your bank account register in QuickBooks Desktop.

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