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Working with the Spreadsheet Sync user interface in QuickBooks Online Advanced and Accountant

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

This article explains Spreadsheet Sync's tab and panel functions within Microsoft Office Excel. Make sure you’re signed into your QuickBooks account through Spreadsheet sync to see all the features and functions explained below.

Group lets you import your QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant company data into Spreadsheet Sync. You’ll find this button in the Spreadsheet Sync tab.

  • Admins can view their company list on this page.
  • You can also put your companies into groups to create consolidated reports. 

Get Started helps you choose your activity. You’ll find this button in the Spreadsheet Sync tab. Available options are:

  • Run a report from the latest company data, or start with a template.
  • Run multi-company report by grouping companies to get a consolidated financial report.
  • Create or edit records like transactions, lists, or other records and sync with QuickBooks.
  • Create and sync budgets allows you to create or modify budgets and sync them back to QuickBooks.

Run report directs you to:

  • From the Select company ▼ dropdown, select a QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant company, you want to use for a report.
  • From the Select report ▼ dropdown, select a report. Reports include:
    • Standard accounting reports such as Profit & Loss and trial balance as well as transaction, inventory, and sales reports.
    • Custom reports created using custom report builder in QuickBooks.
  • From the filters section, select a date range or multiple time periods for your data as well as filter by class, location, or other categories (filters will vary depending on the type of report).

Quick refresh lets you update the data in your spreadsheet at any time. Select:

  • Quick refresh to refresh data according to filters previously selected.
  • Automatic refresh to automatically update selected sheets every time you sign in to Spreadsheet Sync or when you open the workbook. 

Create or edit records lets you post data to QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant or download data, make bulk edits, and then repost it. 

  • Use list templates to automatically add customers, vendors, employees, account types, or journal entries to your QuickBooks Online company.

Clear Sheet lets you clear the data and formatting from a spreadsheet and return to the original template.

Update Fields makes visible within a transaction template any new customers, vendors, employees, accounts, or journal entries added to your QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant company. 

  • Field items can be added in QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant by using a Spreadsheet Sync list template such as Classes & Departments or Vendors & Customers.
  • Field items appear in dropdown lists within a transaction template. For example, in an Invoices & Bills record, you must fill in the customer, vendor, item, and account from a dropdown list.

Post to QuickBooks lets you post any data added to a Spreadsheet Sync records template to your QuickBooks Online company.

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