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Install and open Spreadsheet Sync in QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

This article explains how to open Spreadsheet Sync and sign in while working in QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant. It also explains how to sign out.

In this article, you'll learn:

Spreadsheet Sync works with Excel Office 365. It won't work with older Excel versions. If your computer's embedded browser is Internet Explorer 11, install this file to upgrade your browser to Microsoft Edge.

Note: Only QuickBooks Online Advanced or Accountant admins can initially access Spreadsheet Sync and grant user permissions. (See Change the primary admin user in QuickBooks Online for more information.)

How to install Spreadsheet Sync

Use one of the following methods to install Spreadsheet Sync from within QuickBooks:

  • From the Reports tab:
    1. Go to Reports and select Reports (Take me there).
    2. Select the Create new report ▼ dropdown and select in spreadsheet.
    3. Select Next.
  • From Settings ⚙:
    • Select Spreadsheet Sync.
  • From the Spreadsheet Sync tab under Reports:
    1. Go to Reports and select Reports (Take me there), then select Spreadsheet Sync.
    2. Select Go to Spreadsheet Sync.
    3. Select Next.

To allow the Spreadsheet Sync add-in:

  1. In the pop-up window, select Let’s go.
  2. In the next pop-up window, select Open Microsoft Excel.app.
  3. Once Spreadsheet Sync downloads, it'll prompt Office 365 to open. Select Trust this add-in.
  4. Select Get started.
  5. Enter your Email or User ID.
  6. Select Sign In
  7. Enter your Password.
  8. Select Continue.

Sign in to Spreadsheet Sync

Open Spreadsheet Sync from within Excel

  1. Select Spreadsheet Sync in the Excel navigation bar.
  2. Select Get started.
  3. Enter your Email or User ID.
  4. Select Sign In
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Select Continue.

Sign in to Spreadsheet Sync again if you are automatically signed out

If the Spreadsheet Sync toolbar in Excel is unavailable, it means you’re signed out of Spreadsheet Sync.

  • Re-enter your sign-in credentials in the Spreadsheet Sync panel.
  • You may need to close and reopen Spreadsheet Sync before signing back in. 

Sign out of Spreadsheet Sync

  1. Select the Spreadsheet Sync tab.
  2. Select Sign Out.
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